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Kevin Michael Schmitz (Host)


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About the Speaker

Kevin Michael Schmitz is a renowned celebrity fashion photographer and the mind behind the TV show “Great Escapes,” broadcasted to millions on CBS and The CW. Leading both Atreyu and Indigo Productions, he spearheads high-end commercials and advertising campaigns, working with major brands like Burberry, Viacom, and Giorgio Armani, and specializing in distinctive on-location shoots with renowned figures. As the originator of “The Photography Workshop Series,” he’s steered over 150 elite global workshops over 14 years, fostering the development of aspiring photographers. Holding both a Bachelors and MFA in Photography, Kevin is not merely a practitioner of his art but a dedicated mentor, passionately guiding emerging talents toward carving out their own space in the competitive field of photography. His work embodies a mix of commercial savvy, artistic vision, and a genuine drive to uplift and educate those ready to step into the scene.

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