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Maximize your Brand, Attract Premium Clients, and Take Your Business to an Entirely New Echelon!

Introducing the Photograpy Accelerator

  • Your picture perfect blueprint
  • You could waste countless hours on your own trying to figure out:
  • How to find premium clients?
  • What prices to charge?
  • Best ways to create a compelling portfolio?
  • How to negotiate and book more clients?

Ditch the endless guesswork, our team of experts have your roadmap to success.

The Director of Photographers University




Step into the world of Kevin Michael Schmitz, a World Renowned Celebrity Fashion Photographer, TV Director, and Executive Producer. He’s the creative mind behind the TV show “Great Escapes,”that broadcast to over 2 million viewers on CBS, The CW, and Sky Vision Worldwide. He’s also the driving force behind Atreyu Productions and Indigo Productions, producing high-end commercials and advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. His achievements extend beyond photography. A testament to this is his ownership of a grand 49-room, 13th-century French castle in Maréillat-en-Combraille, France, which serves as an exclusive venue for elite photoshoots, film productions, corporate events, and lavish weddings.


Furthermore, Kevin founded the esteemed Photography Workshop Series. Over 14 years, it has hosted over 150 distinguished workshops, setting new standards in photographic education. Holding both a Bachelor’s and an MFA in Photography, Kevin’s commitment to the art is unwavering — mentoring aspiring photographers towards unparalleled artistic excellence. With a portfolio that includes iconic brands such as Burberry, Versace, Sony, and Giorgio Armani, grasp this chance to hone your skills under his expert guidance.

What is the Photography Accelerator?

Our Mission

The Photography Workshop Series is the leading photographic and film production workshop series in the world. With over 14 years and more than 150 workshops, we are dedicated to providing exceptional education, production experiences, and opportunities to empower photographers in their journey toward industry recognition and success. Now, we’re looking to grow our impact, reaching even more photographers through our accelerator program.

30 Day Intensive

Join a select group of ambitious photographers for an intense four-week program led by Celebrity Fashion Photographer Kevin Michael Schmitz. Benefit from focused 1-on-1 sessions, enriched group discussions, and more than 40 hours of powerful content, complemented by a collection of downloadable resources. The Accelerator covers the three main pillars of photography: Branding, Marketing, and Booking Clients. Plus, we help you integrate advanced strategies to take your skills to the next level.


Portfolio Mastery & Branding

Make your portfolio pop and your brand memorable. We’ll guide you to highlight what makes your work special and show you how to share it with the world. You’ll learn to stand out to the clients you want to attract and make a name for yourself in the photography world.


Marketing Essentials for Photographers

Get noticed and booked by using social media and the web smartly. We’ll teach you practical ways to show off your work and grab attention online. You’ll learn how to draw in clients who are looking for your unique photography skills.


Networking & Industry Connections

Build valuable contacts that can help your career. In our course, you’ll learn the best ways to meet other photographers and industry bigwigs, making connections that matter. These relationships can lead to new jobs and chances to grow your business.


Expanding Clientele & Revenue

Grow your customer base and make more money. We’ll cover how to find clients who will love and pay for your photography. Learn the tricks to sealing the deal and boosting your income, turning your photography into a thriving business.

Exclusive Workshops & Experiences

Joining the accelerator will not only equip you with invaluable skills but also grants you a 100% credit towards any future photography Experience or workshop. Remember, growth is a continuous journey. Extend beyond the accelerator to embrace our unparalleled in-person experiences. Benefit from access to world-class models, high-end productions valued over $100k, and an exquisite collection of wardrobe and props. Uplift your photography and filmmaking endeavors with the best resources the industry has to offer.

Accelerator Timeline

In our 30-day accelerator, you’ll master the pillars of photography through collaborative Group Live Sessions with Kevin and individual 1-on-1 expert consultations, offering a mix of community learning and personalized guidance.


Week 1 -Branding & Mastering Your Portfolio (LIVE)

Start off the accelerator program by learning to identity and create your own unique photography brand and identity Discover how to effectively build your brand presence and and your reach on platforms like Linkedin and Instagram deal for photographers focusing on weddings, fashion, or commercial work, this program provides by strategies for increasing earnings and enhancing your imagery

Preview of what you'll learn:


Week 2 - Marketing Mastery (LIVE)

In week 2 of our program, we focus on teaching you about effective marketing strategies for promoting yourself online across different sites. You’ll take part in hands-on activities and lively workshops to get a solid grasp of the ever-changing world of digital marketing. This week, you’ll learn how to use clever marketing techniques to draw in high-quality clients and increase your earnings, adding to the branding skills you learned last week.

Preview of what you'll learn:


Week 3 - Networking & Meeting the Right People (LIVE)

In week 3 of our program, we highlight the value of being genuine in today’s tech world. Our goal is to help you create real connections in the industry Success isn’t just about making content or getting clients It’s also about building relationships that can lead to great work and big step forward in your career. With advice from experts, crowded market

Preview of what you'll learn:


Week 4 - Booking More Clients & Maximizing Profits (LIVE)

In the last week of our program, we’ll teach you how to find and get jobs from your dream clients. Many photographers find sales challenging, but don’t worry. Kevin Michael, a famous photographer in the celebrity fashion world, has discovered a winning approach. He’ll be part of our course, sharing the sales methods that earned him millions. This information will really change things for you. It will give you new strategies and skills to improve your approach and help you get those photography gigs you’ve been aiming for.

Preview of what you'll learn:


You're a Photographer Look to Grow

This accelerator is designed for Photographers at all levels. Whether you’re aiming to learn and sharpen your skill set or looking to expand and scale your business, we provide the tools and insights to help you get there!

Your Vision is Brand-Driven

If you want a photography brand that stands out and makes a lasting impression, this is the place to start.

Mentorship is Your North Star

If direct guidance from an industry leader like Kevin Michael Schmitz excites you, and you thrive on expert guidance, our program is your answer.

You’re all in, Every time

If you’re someone who takes action, remains dedicated to a goal, and is willing to put in the effort to achieve results, this program is for you.

How the application process works

Why Photographers University?

Over the Past 14 years, We’ve helped Thousands of Photographers….

Create Unmatched Portfolios

Win Awards & Get Published

Land Major Brands & Campaigns

Foundations of photography


20+ Hours of Educational Material


10+ Photography Resources


30-Day Intensive Accelerator with Kevin Michael Schmitz


Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with a

 Photography Expert throughout The Accelerator


100% Credit Towards any 5-Day in Person Workshop


Signature Style Mastery


30+ Hours of Educational Material


Access to Entire Photography Mastery Vault

30-Day Intensive Accelerator with Kevin Michael

 Schmitz, including EXTENDED Sessions with Top Reps, Photographers, and Industry Leaders. 


Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with a Photography Expert throughout The Accelerator

100% Credit Towards any 5-Day in Person Workshop

Industry Icon Program


35+ Hours of Educational Material



Access to Entire Industry Icon Vault


30-Day Intensive Accelerator with Kevin Michael Schmitz accompanied by quarterly strategy calls throughout the year 


Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with a Photography Expert throughout The Accelerator


100% Credit Towards any 5-Day in Person Workshop

The Most Common Questions

Photographer’s University is designed for anyone passionate about photography and videography, from beginners to professionals. Whether you’re starting fresh or aiming to grow your skills and business, our programs offer valuable insights, techniques, and strategies tailored to your needs. 

To access our learning materials at Photographers University, begin with a personalized consultation to ensure the right fit for your goals. After this, you’ll be enrolled in recommended courses, granting you immediate and lifetime access to all materials. Start learning at your own pace and advance your photography skills.

At Photographers University, you’ll learn photography fundamentals, advanced techniques, editing, business strategies, portfolio development, and gain industry insights. Connect with professionals, access resources, and work towards photographic mastery while advancing your photography career.

Definitely! You can either get in contact with me through our chat widget, or you can schedule a time on our calendar and request for me in the notes 🙂

The time it takes to see results from Photographer’s University can vary depending on your starting point and how much effort you dedicate towards applying what you learn. Many of our students see noticeable improvements in their photography and videography skills within the first few weeks of working with me & my team. However, achieving major milestones, such as building a thriving photography business or mastering advanced techniques, may take several months of consistent practice and dedication. Rest assured, our course is designed to accelerate your progress, and the more effort you invest, the quicker you’ll see tangible results in your work and career.

Photographers University provides a rich array of learning materials, including video tutorials, downloadable resources, interactive forums, and personalized expert guidance. Our comprehensive materials cover photography fundamentals, advanced techniques, editing, business strategies, and industry insights to help you excel in your photography career.

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