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Join Kevin Michael Schmitz, an esteemed Celebrity Fashion Photographer, TV Director, and Executive Producer, for an in-depth workshop series dedicated to the art and craft of photography. With his acclaimed TV show “Great Escapes” captivating over 2 million viewers across CBS, The CW, and Sky Vision Worldwide, Kevin’s artistic prowess and narrative flair have left an indelible mark on the industry.



The Photography Workshop Series epitomizes his commitment to nurturing talent and imparting profound photographic knowledge. This decade-long, hands-on journey enables participants to explore the craft’s subtleties, sharpen their skills, and express their artistic voices. Attendees consistently craft their most compelling work, transforming their portfolios, strengthening their brands, and attracting premium clients through their distinctive imagery.


With educational credentials that include a Bachelor’s and an MFA in Photography, Kevin is deeply committed to mentoring the next generation of photographers. Whether you are honing your skills or just beginning to explore the vast landscape of photography, Kevin’s workshop offers a supportive environment where creativity flourishes.



Embrace the opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional whose work has not only reached millions but has also reshaped the visual narratives of our time. This workshop is your invitation to embark on a journey of artistic discovery and elevate your photography to new heights.

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What is the Photography Workshop Series?

Our Mission

The Photography Workshop Series is the leading photographic and film production workshop series in the world. With over 14 years and more than 150 workshops, we are dedicated to providing exceptional education, production experiences, and opportunities to empower photographers in their journey toward industry recognition and success.

Captivating Locations & Sets

Immerse yourself in captivating locations and sets that will transform your photography. From iconic urban scenes to picturesque landscapes, our workshops provide the perfect backdrop to elevate your visual storytelling.

Access to Elite Models, World-Class Production, and Premium Wardrobe & Props

Experience the difference with access to world-class models, $100k+ production, premium wardrobe and props collection. Elevate your photography and filmmaking with industry-leading resources.

Photographers Thrive with Us: Real Stories, Real Results

Kelly Williams

I was able to raise my rates, retained all of my good clients, and that hasn’t hurt anything with my business. 


Steven Paul

I feel like I have jumped so much further with you guys in a short time, than I ever did with others that have helped me. 


Lance Andrews

Whenever I want to create high-quality photographic work, Kevin and his team have been there. So, I continue to lean on their wisdom to benefit both me and my portfolio. 

Our attendees have secured prestigious clients, including:

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