Embark on a transformative journey at our Elite High Fashion Photography Workshop in New York, meticulously orchestrated by the renowned photographer, Kevin Michael Schmitz. Over five thrilling days, you’ll elevate your skills and expand your portfolio in the captivating realm of high fashion photography.


Day 1: Business Mastery and Industry Networking Begin by maximizing your photography business acumen, delving into branding, marketing, and negotiation strategies. Immerse yourself in the art of post-production, editing, and retouching with guidance from top-tier professionals. Network with industry experts and gain invaluable insights to propel your career.


Day 2: Studio Mastery with Supermodels Command a professional studio set as you photograph top models, mastering advanced lighting techniques. Collaborate closely with a celebrity fashion styling team, honing your editorial skills and capturing the essence of high fashion.


Day 3: On-Location Editorial Extravaganza Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of on-location fashion editorials. Utilize high-end equipment to craft cinematic fashion stories against breathtaking backdrops, creating images that are truly exceptional.


Day 4: Long Island Estate Fashion Extravaganza Lead a fashion shoot at a picturesque Long Island estate, working with runway-fresh models. Direct a high-end fashion film and collaborate seamlessly with expert makeup and hair stylists, pushing your creative boundaries.


Day 5: Grand Culmination and Portfolio Boost The final day is the pinnacle of your journey. Command a set equivalent to a $100,000 per day production, utilizing top-notch equipment to capture outstanding fashion content. Photographers from our workshops have achieved remarkable success, securing publication in top magazines and representation by leading agents.


Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to refine your craft, expand your horizons, and soar to new heights in the dynamic world of high fashion photography. Join us at our Elite High Fashion Photography Workshop and take your career to the next level.

The Director



Kevin Michael Schmitz is a World Renowned Celebrity Fashion Photographer, TV Host, Director, and Executive Producer, of the TV Show Great Escapes that airs to over 2 Million Viewers on CBS, The CW and Sky Vision Worldwide.

Kevin Michael is the Executive Producer of Atreyu Productions in Los Angeles and Indigo Productions in New York filming high end TV Commercials and Advertising Campaigns for Fortune 500 Companies. Kevin Michael specializes in ‘World Class on Location Photographic and Video Production of Celebrities & Super Models for major branding campaigns.

Kevin Michael Schmitz is also the founder and director of the largest and most high end photographic and film production educational workshop series in the world. For the last 14 years, The Photography Workshop Series has directed 150 elite educational workshops worldwide. Kevin Michael has his Bachelors and MFA in Photography and is passionate about mentoring emerging photographers to catapult their careers to the highest level of their potential to create the greatest images they have ever shot in their lifetime guaranteed.

Kevin Michael’s successful career in photography has given him the opportunity to buy 49 room, 13th Century French Castle in Marcillat-en-Combraille, France. His French Dream Castle is one of the most elegant an aesthicially beautiful privately held castles in France for Photoshoots, Film Productions, Corporate Events and Million Dollar Weddings.

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