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Kelly Williams

I was able to raise my rates, retained all of my good clients, and that hasn’t hurt anything with my business. 


Steven Paul

I feel like I have jumped so much further with you guys in a short time, than I ever did with others that have helped me. 


Lance Andrews

Whenever I want to create high-quality photographic work, Kevin and his team have been there. So, I continue to lean on their wisdom to benefit both me and my portfolio. 

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Kevin Michael Schmitz, is a World Renowned Celebrity Fashion Photographer, TV Director, and Executive Producer. He’s the creative mind behind the TV show “Great Escapes,”that broadcast to over 2 million viewers on CBS, The CW, and Sky Vision Worldwide. He’s also the driving force behind Atreyu Productions and Indigo Productions, producing high-end commercials and advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. His achievements extend beyond photography. A testament to this is his ownership of a grand 49-room, 13th-century French castle in Maréillat-en-Combraille, France, which serves as an exclusive venue for elite photoshoots, film productions, corporate events, and lavish weddings.

Furthermore, Kevin founded the esteemed Photography Workshop Series. Over 14 years, it has hosted over 150 distinguished workshops, setting new standards in photographic education. Holding both a Bachelor’s and an MFA in Photography, Kevin’s commitment to the art is unwavering — mentoring aspiring photographers towards unparalleled artistic excellence. With a portfolio that includes iconic brands such as Burberry, Versace, Sony, and Giorgio Armani, grasp this chance to gain exclusive insights.

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